Top 5 ways 40 year old women have improved their surfing with better health and fitness


Ah, the old board and a wave.

It sounds so easy in theory. Just head to the beach, get a board out, stand on it and ride a few waves.

Anyone who has ever tried surfing before will tell you that it is in fact so much harder than that. Something that requires hours and hours of practice and getting your body prepared.

All of this gets harder when you’re over 40, trust me!

All of sudden it feels ten times harder to get up onto the board, and fifty times harder to actually ride some waves without falling off.

In this post I will tell you the five best techniques that have worked for me (as a 42 year old male) to regain my touch and be a natural on my surfboard.

1) Buy a bigger surfboard


Ok, so we used to make fun of the kids growing up who had the big surfboards, but as you get older, it’s definitely worth sacrificing your pride to be more skilled. I got a bigger surfboard a year ago and it’s the best decision I’ve ever made. When other older folk think about teasing me for it, I just smile and think “well, at least I can still stand on my board”.

2) Don’t stop exercising


Probably obvious advice, but it really is something that we all forget as we get older and other priorities get in the way. I’d absolutely advise to keep weight-training, just stick to high reps and make sure you do lots and lots of core work. I’d also recommend doing some high intensity interval training to replicate the surfing environment. Swimming or running sprints is optimal.

3) Supplement!


This without doubt becomes important when your age starts with a three (and even more important when your age starts with a four). As we get older we need to make sure that we’re supplementing with all the essential vitamins and nutrients to allow for optimal body functioning and recovery. One key item if you are male is to take a natural testosterone booster: Testogen by Wolfson Berg has been really effective for me, and has made me feel like I’m in my early thirtees again.

4) Get at least 8 hours sleep every night


Growing up we’re told that this doesn’t matter so much when we’re adults, but let me assure you that it does!

I track my sleep every night and I do not leave my bed until I’ve had 8 hours and 15 minutes every night. Because any less than that and I know that I won’t be performing at my best the next day, both on land and in the ocean.

5) Meditate to relieve stress


Something that many people often overlook, meditation is a core component of living a healthy lifestyle, as it ensures that we’re in a healthy, positive state of mind. It also helps us to stay present with all our tasks, meaning that we will be more effective when we surf, as we won’t be distracted and will 100% focused on staying on that surf board.

So there’s my top 5, perhaps some of the other older folk on here can chime in with theirs J. Happy surfing peeps.


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