How To Stay Fit And Dominate That Surfboard


So I’ve had many people often come to asking how can they get better at surfing?

The obvious answer would be to practice, practice and practice more.

Well that is a valid, and fair enough, because practice does make perfect!

BUT, the thing we need to consider is that what we’ve learnt is the correct way of doing things.

What I mean by this is that we are actually employing the correct technique, or, if we are not at a level where we can consistently have the same technique, then at least we must know how the “correct technique” looks like in order to strive towards that goal.

It is CORRECT TECHNIQUE and PRACTICE combined together that will make us great surfers

As with any sport, or hobby, how do we we ensure we are doing the correct technique?

As simple as staying Fit!

So in this blog post I will discuss how to stay fit, and especially what you can do to gear that fitness towards surfing.

So depending on your goals, you may be either:

A) Trying to lose weight so you can fit on your surfboard (just kidding 😉

B) Trying to put gain some lean muscle to achieve a general good fitness level

Are you trying to shed weight and dominate that surfboard?


So you realised that your fitness levels are not up to scratch, and you want to be able to dominate in that surfboard.

No matter how high quality your surfboard is, if you are not fit, you will struggle.

Surfing is a no walk in the park, it not golf…Passionate surfers take surfing seriously, and if you consider yourself one 😉 so should you!

So I’m not going to give you the generic fitness advice your GP gives you:

  • Walk 30 minutes at least 3-4 times per week.

That advice is pretty much for lazy couch potatoes…If you are looking to be a true surfer you need way more than that!

So what should do:

  • Focus on building some lean muscle mass
  • Do at least 3-5 cardio sessions per week, preferably HIIT – High intensity interval training
  • Eat lean proteins, mix of vegetables and healthy carbs (sweet potatoes, brown rice)
  • Supplementation might help. I was reading fat burner reviews around the web, and this girl Karina Stella seems to have tried this phen 375 fat burning stuff. Anyway if you are interested you can read her review here: Either way, I am not saying this is a good supplement ,as I haven’t used it myself, but feel free to have a look and see what you think.

Trying to put gain some lean muscle to achieve a general good fitness level

Generally for these people, my advice would be the same, however, don’t bother with the fat burner. Also, if you are skinny but your fitness level is not that high, do feel free to engage in more cardio so that your endurance levels can cope with surfit type of levels 🙂

These people I would advise to up their calorie intake (With healthy foods and more lean proteins of course) and also to focus on strength training, trying to get some muscles so that you can at least hop on that surfboard when that wave is following you at 1000 miles per hour!


You might be wondering, why am discussing fitness and exercise that much on this blog. The reason is simple, this will be your foundation and base towards becoming a SurFit expert!

Ok, time for me to go dive and get some waves under my surfboard.

Now get up and start exercising!


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